Become an Unlimited Boat Rental Club Member

Become an Unlimited Boat Rental Club Member

Now that you know some of the reasons Why Your Boat Club makes so much sense and also How it Works please let us help you with Pricing and Availability.  We strictly limit the number of Memberships that we sell at each lake to ensure that we always have great boat availability.  So availability can change quickly.  For the latest in availability and pricing please call 612-208-1800 or send us your information by completing the short form below.



We have many different membership options and can fit into most family budgets (for less than the price of a one-week family vacation our Members get a whole summer of fun)!  Memberships start at $1295 and go up to $5895.  There are 3 things that determine the cost of your membership:

First, our Members choose a Membership Level that fits their schedule and determines what days and times they can use the boats.

Explorer Memberships offer unlimited boating 7 days/week (if you want weekends, this is the membership for you).

Executive Memberships offer unlimited boating Mon-Thurs only (no weekends or holidays-if you have a flexible schedule this may be the membership for you).

Early Bird Memberships offer unlimited boating Mon-Thurs only from 8AM-early afternoon (no weekends, holidays or evenings).


Second, they pick a Primary Lake or River where they plan to do most of their boating.  You can use the boats at all the lakes, but most people have a favorite that they plan to use the most (usually whichever lake is closest to their house).  This does not directly affect the price of your membership, but will influence the next step in choosing the right Pier Level or boat sizes you can use.  Members who plan to do most of their boating on larger bodies of water like Minnetonka or the St. Croix river will have to use bigger boats.  Your Primary Lake will also determine which memberships are still available as we track this data and make sure we don’t have too many people all trying to go boating on the same lake.


And lastly, they choose their Pier Level that determines the size of boats they can use.  We only run bigger Pier 2 and Pier 3 boats on bigger bodies of water like Minnetonka, St. Croix River, and we run smaller Pier 1 or Pier 2 boats on smaller bodies of water like Prior Lake, Waconia, White Bear and Forest Lake.


We strictly limit the number of memberships we sell at each lake to ensure that our Members always have great boat availability.  We also sell memberships year round – so the availability of our memberships is always changing. To check on availability or have a copy of our full price sheet sent to you, we simply ask that you contact us as we are already sold out of several packages for the 2015 Boating Season.  We will respond promptly, and don’t worry, we hate spam and will never sell your information.  It’s just about boating!
Please complete this short form and click “Submit” or call 612-208-1800.

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