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Published on January 13th, 2012  : 

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Joining Your Boat Club saves you many thousands of dollars compared with purchasing a boat. The fact is there are many hidden costs to boat ownership. Conservatively, even our smallest Pier 1 boats would typically cost a new boat owner an average of $36,000 over the first 3-years of operation (including down payment, monthly payments, interest, insurance, tax, title, license, maintenance, depreciation, winterization, & storage). Those are real numbers folks! And that’s not even accounting for the elbow grease and time you’ll spend towing, hitching, cleaning, covering and fixing it up. How much is your time really worth?

Our typical memberships cost about the same as most people pay for just a boat slip. For less than you would spend on a one-week family vacation, Your Boat Club members get a whole summer’s worth of fun. In 2015 they will have access to over 80 top notch pontoons, runabouts and fishing boats on 200 square miles of water across 8 fantastic MN lakes and rivers. And the best part is we take care of all the work!

Wouldn’t you rather spend time and money on the boating part of boating—not the repairing, cleaning, towing, storing and depreciating parts?

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