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Benefits of Joining a Boat Club Versus Owning a Boat

The YBC Hassle-Free Boating Lifestyle

Go Boating / Not Trailering

Nothing ruins a fun day of boating more than calling it quits hours early.

Yet, that’s what can happen when you trailer and launch your boat at a popular lake. It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon and the kids are having a great time on the beach. You just finished a delightful lunch of charcoaled brats.

But then you glance at your watch. It’s not even mid-afternoon and boats are already heading back to the ramp. You need to get in the line-up soon, or you could end up waiting forever to haul out your boat. It’s time to shake out the towels, repack the cooler and motor back to the launch – just when everyone is having a good time.

Boating on a Minnesota lake is idyllic; trailering…not so much. Not only is it difficult, but you also have to find a place to park the trailer, which can be equally challenging.

Wouldn’t it be great to spend more time boating and less time trailering? Well, you can!

Boat clubs like Your Boat Club (YBC) specialize in hassle-free boating. This means no maintenance, no storage issues and no trailering, ever! Here are a few other reasons to skip the hassles of boat ownership, join a boat club and spend all your time having fun on the water.

It actually costs less to join a boat club than owning a boat.

Really? Yes, really.

When you join a boat club you don’t have to pay for: A boat, a motor, a trailer, dock slippage, repairs, insurance, maintenance, winter storage, upkeep, or the registration for both the boat and trailer. When owning a boat you also need to consider that you’ll need a vehicle with enough power for hauling a boat. Basically, YBC takes care of everything from stem to stern.

Spice up your boating life with a boat club membership.

Why always cruise or fish the same body of water just because it’s close to home? Across the state, YBC has marina locations on 10 exceptional waterways. You can also venture to Eagle River in the Wisconsin Northwoods, featuring the “World’s Largest Chain of 28 Connected Lakes;” or the scenic Fox Lake and Chain O’Lakes area in Antioch, Illinois (between Chicago and Milwaukee).

As a member of YBC, you can boat all of these locations (with no long-distance trailering)!

Watercraft options provide even more variety.

Looking for a pontoon boat for family cruising, swimming and fishing? Maybe a runabout for waterskiing? How about  a fishing boat to troll for panfish or muskies?

YBC boasts an armada of 100+ boats of varying sizes. All are new (3 years or less), in excellent condition, from the best brands on the market. The choice is yours.

Hassle-Free Boating Is Tons More Fun.

It doesn’t get more convenient that this: Make a reservation, then just show up with coolers, water toys and gear. Your boat is in the water, fueled up and ready for fun — no unexpected mechanical snafus!

At the end of the day, return to the dock and disembark. YBC does all the maintenance and clean-up, and even helps with docking,

Sound easy? It is. Don’t waste another Minnesota summer simmering on shore. Sign up now and make plans for a summer (and fall) on the water.


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