Boat Rental Membership in use on White Bear Lake

Boat Availability

Boat Availability

As a boat club, what we are essentially selling is boat availability.  We are building our business on repeat memberships, and if you as a member don’t feel there are enough boats available when you want you will not be back the next year, it’s that simple.

What this means is that we take our reservation system and boat availability very seriously.  We always welcome feedback from members as to how they think we are doing and we are constantly looking at our very detailed reservation system reports and learning how our member base uses the system.

Obviously, we can not guarantee you will get a boat every single hot Saturday afternoon; it’s just not practical.  With that said, here is our commitment to you, our members:

We will strive to assure that an Explorer (7 days a week) membership can get the type of boat they want, in a prime weekend slot, at the lake they want, at least every other weekend.  With additional flexibility in regards to type of boat, lake or time slot you will be able to get on the water almost every weekend.

We also are making continuous adjustments to how our spontaneous bonus system works and our target is to get you out on the water weekly (if you choose) using a spontaneous reservation.

Executive Memberships (M-TH) can expect to get on the a couple times per week using their reservation and even more using spontaneous.


Also, when dealing weather and other factors out of our control






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