The Sure Fire Cure For Post-Vacation Blues

Never again mope around the house with the malaise of Post-Trip Sadness. Take advantage of a spring/summer/fall packed with fun mini-vacations thanks to Your Boat Club (YBC).

A surprisingly common problem, Post-Vacation Blues can be downright depressing for some people. Returning home after a long-awaited, highly anticipated trip is not the problem. The fact that your vacation is over is the problem.

Even if you had a great time on your vacation, you are now back to the daily grind. You have nothing fun waiting for you on the horizon or the calendar.

How can you snap out of post-vacation malaise? Medical professionals offer a variety of tactics, such as exercising and getting enough sleep. The most effective strategy, however, is to start planning your next vacation. This will give you something fun to anticipate.

Unfortunately, if your annual vacation is a year away, that’s not much of an immediate pick-me-up. Instead, reconsider the concept of a “dream vacation.” Many families have discovered the joys of “staycations” — multiple mini-vacations throughout the year. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket with a single major trip, your family can look forward to frequent outings. The memories are just as cherished, plus the calendar is full of anticipation.

Your Boat Club: Your Staycation Headquarters

In terms of value, variety, convenience and sheer fun, no one does mini-vacations better than YBC. Boasting an armada of  100+ new runabouts, pontoon and fishing boats at over dozen popular lakes and rivers in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois, YBC is a boat club that specializes in hassle-free boating. Instead of purchasing, trailering, storing and maintaining a boat, YBC members use a new YBC boat of their choice. They have the freedom to pursue aquatic fun while the club takes care of all maintenance and upkeep.

A YBC membership provides  perfect staycations because:

—  A YBC membership can be less expensive than one major vacation. This means dozens of days on the water, spreading your vacation time from spring through fall. With a calendar full of anticipation, it’s “goodbye post-trip blues.”

—  Any day is a YBC staycation day. On popular lakes, grab a boat midweek and escape the crowd. Or, leave work early and cook dinner on your grill on the beach. Endless possibilities!

—  A variety of YBC destinations makes for unexpected adventures. Escape from it all by cruising the wild St. Croix River above Stillwater, or the Eagle River and chain of lakes in the Wisconsin northwoods. Time your trip to enjoy the colorful fall foliage around Gull Lake near Nisswa or Cross Lake between Brainerd and Bemidji.

Discover why Leech Lake near Walker is such an awesome place to fish. Or do an urban outing on Lake Minnetonka and dine at the many fabulous restaurants with customer docks. These are just a few of the waterways where YBC has marinas. All were selected because of high water quality and exceptional boating.

—  You can share the staycation experience with friends. Normally, you wouldn’t bring your neighbor on a family jaunt to Mount Rushmore. But an afternoon on the lake is a fun outing for a friend, relative or playmate for your kids.

More trips. More memories. More fun.

Your vacation time is precious. A dream trip once in a while is nice, but multiple and unforgettable YBC staycations keep a family close. Visit soon and make plans for a spring, summer & fall on the water.

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