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Boat Rental Membership in use on White Bear Lake

Newsletter – April 2014

Newsletter – April 2014


It’s been quite the winter.  Have you ever seen so much snow in your life? Geez Louise!  Fortunately, it’s probably safe to say that it is gone…long gone.  Which can only mean one thing: it’s BOATING SEASON!  The ice has gone out lake by lake, river by river and we’ve been busy splashing boats daily.  It’s Minnesota, where boating is the reason for the season.  We cannot wait to see all of your smiling faces back on the docks!  If you haven’t renewed your membership yet for 2014, we’d like to suggest that you do so sooner than later.  Though our membership enrollment rosters are almost full, we do have limited availability left.  So if you want to get out on the water, please sign up as soon as possible or get on our waiting list.

We put our first boat in on the St. Croix Mid-April.

We put our first boat in on the St. Croix Mid-April.

Here are a couple of hints to help you and your family get ready for the season:

If you are a new member please make sure to schedule your orientation by contacting our office M-F from 9AM-5PM at 612-208-1800. Remember, these are scheduled on a first come-first serve basis so the sooner you sign up, the sooner you can get on the water.

Our online reservation center will open on May 1st.  At that time you will be able to login to the reservation center and begin to reserve boats.  You can then expect to continue to see more boats appear online for use every week at each location as they are splashed and inspected by the Water Patrol.

The ice went out a little sooner than expected on White Bear and Forest Lake.

The ice went out a little sooner than expected on White Bear and Forest Lake.



Here at Your Boat Club we take great pride in offering nothing but the best for our members.  One key element involved to assure that is our fleet of boats.  Carrying only top of the line pontoon, ski and fishing boats, we feel confident that you and your family and friends will enjoy each and every time out on the water.  Though we often add new brands to our already exceptional array of boats (this year you can enjoy the addition of Monterey runabouts) we do like to stick to our guns when we find true gems (Sea Rays, Lunds, Benningtons.)  We’ve put together a list of brands you can look forward to enjoying throughout the 2014 season along with a brief description of each.


Bryant 210 Cover

I am one of the sharpest-looking, smoothest-riding, highest quality-built runabouts in the market.  I come in three models.  My manufacturer’s VP of Sales, Jeff White, refers to my owners as “family” and I will make you feel the same way about me.  You will love me.  I am a great boat with plenty of room for the entire family, yet still have enough pep for water sports.  It has been said that there really is nothing comparable on the market about me and that “once you go Bryant, you never go back.”  Brace yourself – one day out with me and you just may become an official Bryanthead!


Monterey M5

If you are looking for a day filled with fun, while hoping to impress your group, look no further.  Equipped with a long list of standard features that others call optional – precise handling, fuel efficiency, and sleek comfort – I am the complete package.  Thanks to an award-winning hull designed by Monterey engineers, solid performance and excellent stability are a couple of my key features.  With quick planing times and the ability to stay on plane at low speeds, I am ideal for water sports.  Reserve me and take your friends or entire family out for a day of cruising, skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing.  You’ll have all the space and amenities an active crew will appreciate like never before.  I am style, luxury and performance personified.  Positively, I raise the bar in boating.


Lund Family

I am built with superior products and procedures. Solid in every way possible, I utilize an I-beam infrastructure to create a straight, true and rock solid hull.  Fully equipped with a live well, a trolling motor and moveable comfortable seats I assure you that one reservation completed with me will prompt another and yet another. For years boaters and fishermen have told me that I am far superior in look and handling than anything else on the water. I like hearing that because I know that my builders use extreme attention to detail when it comes to making sure every boat lives up to the standards of carrying the Lund name.


All American 23

I am an open-bow runabout, a classic family cruising boat that harkens back to the simple yet elegantly styled boats that Larson was famous for in the 1960’s.  With my 5.0L Mercruiser, you can expect a crisp and controlled ride with just enough speed to inspire you.  Along with my smoothness, measuring in at 23 feet, I offer extreme comfort.  Whether you love to water ski, take your kids tubing or simply cruise the lake, I am here to make your boating excursion one you will never forget.  Gather up to 10 people and bring your crew to Lake Minnetonka this season and try me out for yourself.



As a YBC member you have most likely taken me for a cruise once or twice – or 50 times. There are multiple reasons why Your Boat Club has more of me than any other pontoon across their eight locations. Whether you’re fishing, towing your kids behind me on a tube, meeting with your book club members, simply entertaining friends and family, or even rehearsing with your brass quintet, I am confident that I will comfortably and safely step up as your perfect boat.

Check out this short video for an inside taste of what I am and reserve me today.

Unmistakable from Bennington Pontoon on Vimeo.



Reserve me at Forest Lake and prepare to have your day on the water infused with glee.  That’s the legacy of Glastron – generations of trend-setting boat designs focused on bringing you new ways to get the family involved in one of your favorite things: life on the water.  You’ll find tough, Aquaflex vinyl on my bucket seats and benches to go along with the extreme comfort I offer.  Solid quality to the core, my 18-foot design was built with an SSV hull for smooth planing and tight tracking around turns.  I have great standard features too, like an extended swim platform, stereo with MP3 adapter and walk-through curved windshield.  A day out on the water with me will leave you and your family feeling happy and satisfied.  And I’ll bet you’ll be back for more.



There’s a reason Your Boat Club carries more of me than any other brand of runabouts.  I am a fan favorite because I rule.  Ranging in size from 18 to 24 feet, I am a premium boat that has more standards and features than other boats in my class.  Sophisticated and stylish, I blend impeccable craftsmanship, premium design and superior performance.  With plush seating and intelligent storage throughout, I carry 8 to 10 passengers comfortably, yet I am nimble enough for seamless operation. Top-shelf MerCruiser sterndrive power means an incredibly smooth, quiet ride for you and your family.  YBC offers me in all three Pier groups but if you reserve my Pier II 205 Sport you’ll discover why I am the best-selling sterndrive bowrider over 20 feet in America.


As we ease back into the boating season in May let’s remember that even though boating is somewhat like riding a bike, some parts may be a bit rusty. For our first month of the season we will focus on perhaps the most difficult part of driving a boat – docking. Even the most experienced boaters in this world have trouble docking once in a while. Boating may often come with extremely high winds. Docking a boat in such conditions may be incredibly difficult at times. Other sticky situations may include rocky shorelines and various buoy markings. Remember to let the dock hands know if it’s your first time at a location to assure even more safety for you and your family. Check out some great tips below regarding docking a boat.


Docking your boat is something that will only get easier with experience. If you are ever having a difficult time bringing in your boat the number one rule of thumb is to STAY CALM! Do not panic. Often people’s instincts are to “gun it” which will not make your maneuvering any easier and may cause an accident. When approaching your slip remember that “slow is always safer.” If you do not recall the “feathering” technique from your orientation please ask one of our managers or dock hands for a refresher next time you come out. This is a great technique which we teach you for a reason.

Here is a short video clip of Kurt Russell showing you how NOT to dock a boat:

Docking against high winds is never fun. Rule #1: DO NOT PANIC! There is no need to rush. Rule #2: Keep up the momentum – docking in the wind is a momentum exercise. This particular technique entails taking a gentle run at it. Now, as you slow to a stop, thereby losing the ability to steer the boat, all won’t be lost because you have pre-steered. Notice the angled approach, establishing momentum which will, to some degree, continue your upwind, sideways journey towards the dock, against the wind, even without further throttle or rudder control. Also, just before shifting into neutral or reverse gear (as the occasion demands), give the boat a little spin — it will continue to yaw, and slide the boat into a parallel orientation with the dock. The diagram below provides a nice visual of this.


Remember: our dock hands will be there to assist you. Stay calm and slowly get the boat close enough for them to reach you and we can take it from there. Docking will get easier with practice and experience. Below is a video that may offer additional help.


To celebrate the first month of the new boating season we’re going to spotlight our newest manager, Kali Schmitt. Most likely, if you’ve called the office over the past two years you have spoken with Kali. Or, if you were a member in 2011 you probably met her at either our White Bear Lake or St. Croix River location. After serving as the YBC Office Manager for the past two years, Kali is ready to get back to where she feels she belongs: on the water managing our Forest Lake location.



When Kali isn’t busy playing outside in the yard with her fiancé, David, their giant dog, Tinkerbell, their cat, or their chickens, she prefers to be spending time on the water with her family.  Growing up on South Center Lake in Lindstrom, just north of Forest Lake, boating is what she’s been enjoying throughout her entire life.  One of Kali’s earliest memories is of playing in a playpen on her family’s pontoon.  “I loved every minute of it!” recalls Kali.

As soon as Kali heard about the concept of Your Boat Club she was intrigued.  With her experience of owning and operating many different watercraft over the years, ranging from a Salmon fishing rig on Lake Michigan to a small jet-powered speed boat on her home lake, working for YBC only seemed natural to Kali.  “Ever since I can remember I was either on a boat or in the water,” Kali says.

Kali boarded ship working as a dockhand at White Bear Lake during its opening year, often filling in at the St. Croix location.  Her favorite part of the job was the reward of “seeing our customers’ smiling faces” when they came in from a great day of boating.  She saw her job as a privilege, being able to be on the water, around boats all day.  Kali’s joy and natural cheer rubbed off on others.  Current White Bear Lake Manager, Brian Wegner, says he still experiences the positivity Kali brought to the dock, even years later.  “Private slip renters still ask me how Kali is doing, almost daily,” says Brian.  “I have Kali to thank for some great relationships I have with people on the docks.”

Kali with sister, Lindsay, on South Center Lake

Kali with sister, Lindsay, on South Center Lake

After a year on the docks, Kali decided to take on a newly created position within the company – Office Manager.  Every day for two full years Kali pulled a 9-to-5er, driving from Forest Lake to downtown Minneapolis and back.  She learned the inside scoop on the business, got to know owners Luke and Michael quite well and had the pleasure of answering phone calls, filing papers and documents, setting up meetings, and serving as the central vortex of each location during the crazy summer.  And though Kali will mostly miss being able to talk on the phone with a variety of members, from Lake Minnetonka to Gull Lake to the St. Croix River, she is very excited to be the manager at our newest location in Forest Lake.


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