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Boat Rental Membership in use on White Bear Lake

Newsletter – December 2013

Newsletter – December 2013


First and foremost, we’d like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday season! We hope you all enjoy this special time of year with your family, friends and loved ones. It’s been a great year and we’re excited to ring in 2014 with lots planned for an even better year with Your Boat Club.


A lot happened with Your Boat Club and our members in 2013. A new location in Forest Lake, 18 brand new boats, mall displays, and a healthy chunk of real estate at the Minnesota State Fair are a handful of examples. Spring gave us a tough early boating season with record amounts of rain. July through October made up for it with minimal rain, hot temps and bright sunshine, resulting in an abundance of boating excursions (11,832 trips out on the water in 2013!) Plans are brewing and it’s looking like 2014 will be our best year yet!

Kids Fun


To help kick off the new year, Your Boat Club is once again setting up shop at the Minneapolis Boat Show. January 30 through February 2 Your Boat Club will be at the Minneapolis Convention Center to talk with you about your boating desires and answer any questions you have about the club. And per usual, we’d like to send you for free.

With the upper Midwest’s best selection of new boats and hundreds of booths showcasing the very latest in engines, electronics, fishing gear and accessories, there’s no better place to get a head start on a summer full of fun! From canoes to cruisers, from pontoons to personal watercraft there are boats for every lifestyle, activity and budget. The 4-day event is also the best time to get the 411 on all YBC memberships, offering you a chance to compare the costs and hassles of buying a boat versus a boat club membership at one time, under one roof!

Miss Geico

The all-new Miss GEICO Racing Boat will be featured at the 2014 Minneapolis Boat Show.

In addition to the hundreds of boats on display and the fabulous Your Boat Club booth, 2014’s boat show will include many new attractions. There will be a new feature called, “The Boardwalk Experience,” the chance to meet a couple of “celebrities,” a craft beer tasting, a paddlefest, an interactive learning center, a “New Boater Education” seminar, and so much more. LEARN MORE


We have completed our membership renewals for the 2014 boating season and have processed those who were on the waiting list.  So far, our renewal rate from last year to this year is 84.2%, which is quite good.  We greatly appreciate your continued business and look forward to being of service again in 2014!

As you can see from the table below, we are already sold out of a fair number of memberships and are approaching capacity at others.  Being able to add boats at some locations has helped, but these will go very quickly as they did last year.  As our business grows and more and more existing Members continue to renew, it seems like every year we sell out sooner than we did the year before.  Based upon our anticipated boat totals for 2014, we will most likely sell out of many of our memberships on the west side of town by the Boat Show in January.

Pier 1 – 0 Available
Pier 2 – 7 Available
Pier 3 – 0 Available

Pier 1 – 16 Available
Pier 2 – 12 Available
Pier 3 – 0 Available

Pier 1 – 0 Available
Pier 2 – 6 Available
Pier 3 – 0 Available

Pier 1 – 0 Available
Pier 2 – 0 Available
Pier 3 – 29 Available

Pier 1 – 29 Available
Pier 2 – 11 Available
Pier 3 – 0 Available

Pier 1 – 0 Available
Pier 2 – 4 Available
Pier 3 – 11 Available

Pier 1 – 14 Available
Pier 2 – 9 Available
Pier 3 – 0 Available

Pier 1 – 14 Available
Pier 2 – 13 Available
Pier 3 – 0 Available

If you are a Member who did not renew your membership and were hoping to renew in the Spring, please make sure you call us and let us know.  Our renewal rate was very strong and we are strictly limited by the number of boats that we can run at the marinas.  So when these are gone the waiting list will begin.  We greatly apologize if the membership you were most interested in is already sold out for the season.  Unfortunately we cannot hold memberships.  Please make sure you call us and get on the waiting list now or consider another membership option.  Of particular note, the Pier 2 Memberships at Minnetonka that did not renew have already been filled by people that were on the waiting list, and we still have more people left that we can’t even add.  The soonest we will have Pier 2 Memberships available on Minnetonka is now 2015.

If you have a friend or co-worker that you think would enjoy our service, please make sure you refer them to our website or have them call the office at 612.208.1800.  If they enroll you will receive a $200 gas credit!

Our pricing for 2014 is as follows:

Pier 1 Explorer $3895
Pier 2 Explorer $4895
Pier 3 Explorer $5895

Pier 1 Executive $2995
Pier 2 Executive $3995
Pier 3 Executive $4995

Bennington Pontoon For Sale

This top of the line Bennington 24SLI pontoon is one of many boats we have for sale this year.


As you know, we use our boats for three years, sell them and replace them with brand new ones. We began the 2013 boating season with 63 boats.  We sold 10 of them that were three years old and replaced them with new ones, plus we added eight more new boats – for a total of 71 boats.  After pulling our boats out of the water this fall and going through them, we now plan to sell 21 more of them and replace these with brand new boats for the 2014 boating season.  So, if you know of anyone that is looking to purchase a used boat please make sure to send them our way. For a complete list of boats we have for sale please call our operations manager, Brian Maxey, at 612-588-6049 or CLICK HERE.


Brian Fishing

Your Boat Club’s operations manager, Brian Maxey, is a man of production. When he isn’t occupying his time raising two children with his wife, skiing the Rocky Mountains or fishing the great waters of Oregon, Brian is busy keeping things afloat on the western side of town. Pulling and trailering boats between our locations to and from Watertown, selling our three-year-old boats, installing underwater fences in the bitter cold on Lake Minnetonka, and managing the crew at our biggest location are just a handful of things Brian does for YBC.

Brian began his career in the boating business as a salesman for Crystal Pierz Marine. He worked there until the company was sold to Bass Pro Shop in 2009. Shortly thereafter, when Brian received a call from YBC co-owner, Luke Kujawa, with a job offer, he accepted without hesitation. Brian says he thoroughly enjoys working for YBC. “It’s always nice working for ‘a’ man, versus ‘the’ man,” he says.

Apparently Brian isn’t so bad to work for either. “Brian is one of the best guys to work for that I’ve ever worked for,” says Stan Pagel, a manager at Lake Minnetonka. “He leads by example and pushes you which results in us getting a lot done. But it’s fun because he’s easy going and open minded to ideas.”

Before, during and after the boating season Brian is busy making sure every boat gets to its proper location, gets into the water, gets inspected, and gets back out of the water. It’s often incredibly challenging – maneuvering boats in high winds, keeping them all fixed and maintained, in working condition, and available for the members at all times.

Along with those challenges, the job is rewarding for Brian because of the members. “A lot of the members are great boaters to begin with,” Brian says. “But I love watching the less experienced boaters improve over time. Mostly, I love interacting with members again and again.”

YBC co-owner, Michael Jellish, couldn’t be happier with the work Brian Maxey does for the company. “He runs hot, he gets stuff done and he rocks in every way.”

Brian Son


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