Boat Rental Membership in use on White Bear Lake

Newsletter – July 2013

Newsletter – July 2013


Big Dog Fishing

Gary of Big Dog Fishing Guide Services showed YBC members where to catch fish on Lake Minnetonka over 4th of July weekend.

July has been quite the treat for Your Boat Club and its members. Rain was limited and the heat finally arrived. Independence Day landed on a Thursday which resulted in YBC tacking on over 320 reservations across our eight locations during 4th of July weekend as compared to a normal weekend. Many families were able to get out more than once and others ventured out to new locations for some absolutely perfect weather. Families and friends gathered together for quality time spent on the water, kids flung around on tubes, book clubs relaxed and reviewed their readings on pontoons, and members took advantage of our exclusive members-only Guided Fishing Tours on Lake Minnetonka. We can only hope that August continues on with July’s joy!

On-the-Water Events!

Take advantage of a YBC reservation during this fun summer event happening next week.

Leine'sLEINE’S LIVE – BUZ’N 102.9

What: It’s the Leinie’s Live Broadcast Series! Join Kris Valentine and Leinenkugel’s on patios throughout the Twin Cities and beyond on Thursdays throughout the summer! Get the weekend started right!  Party with BUZ’N, win some awesome prizes and get great drink specials from Leinenkugel’s, and stick around for some amazing live music! Happy Hour Special: TBA

When/Where: August 1st / Lola’s Lakehouse, Waconia
Kris Valentine Broadcasting Live 2-7pm
Live Music: Shalo Lee 7-8pm

How: Reserve a boat on Lake Waconia for the afternoon. Head over to Lola’s to enjoy the festivities. Return boat.



YBC member David Stevens, wife Lisa & daughter Karin

YBC member David Stevens added an unlikely event to the list of reasons being part of the club is beneficial. Last week he spent the day on a pontoon with his music group, The Summit Hill Brass Quintet. White Bear Lake manager Brian Wegner was able to capture this short video of the rehearsal.


David Stevens joined Your Boat Club in 2011. Though White Bear Lake is his primary location he periodically enjoys bringing his family and friends on the St. Croix River. He plans on eventually venturing out to the other lakes.

“I like having access to multiple locations,” says Stevens. “I really like the convenience of the process too. You just show up, get on the boat, return the boat, and depart.”

Stevens usually likes to take out pontoons to float, anchor and simply relax with family and friends. But last week he and The Summit Hill Brass Quintet said they had a great rehearsal on the lake. “Everyone enjoyed it immensely and we’re looking forward to doing it again.”

The quintet was formed in 1976 and have been performing all over the Twin Cities area and throughout Minnesota. They play at various University of Minnesota graduation ceremonies, multiple church services and regularly at Al’s Breakfast in Dinkytown. The members consist of Stevens, David Baldwin, Pam Humphrey, Gwen Anderson, and Scott Anderson. To find out more or to listen to music visit their website at


YBC member David Stevens performs on one of our pontoons with The Summit Hill Brass Quintet.


Bennington 24

At Bennington, customer satisfaction is a must and they won’t compromise the quality that their customers expect. Since its formation in 1997, through word of mouth, dock talk and the recommendations of friends and family, Bennington has grown to become the most respected name in the pontoon business.

Through hard work, belief in their team and constant innovation Bennington has been honored with more quality and satisfaction awards than any pontoon maker in the industry (awarded with the NMMA’s Excellence in Customer Satisfaction 10 years in a row.) They start each and every day with a management meeting that includes their president and CEO, lead engineer, lead designer, lead production director, and lead personnel from their sales and customer service departments. With the exception of the holidays, they haven’t missed one in 15 years. That’s dedication. That’s who they are. And that’s why I am proud to be a Bennington.

Unmistakable from Bennington Pontoon on Vimeo.

You won’t need to worry about comfort or safety with me. The quality and attention to detail is unsurpassed. I am constructed with the use of only proven construction techniques and the highest quality materials. Taking no construction short-cuts, I will be the most solid, quiet riding boat on the water. My seating is made with five foam densities for ergonomic comfort. My bimini tops raise and lower in seconds with my patented quick-release fittings designed to eliminate all rattles. To further assure this my rail panels have a resilient sealing strip to ensure a quiet, rattle-free ride.

Still not convinced that I am the best? Check out my website at


SteveFlorek has been in the boat business for 44 years. He attended tech school in 1970 with an interest in working on snowmobiles and motorcycles. After taking a Marine class he landed his first job with a boat and snowmobile dealer in Lake Minnetonka. He has been with Your Boat Club since the beginning.

“You’d think my favorite part of my job would be driving around the boats,” says Florek. “But my favorite part is working with the people and I really like to fix stuff. Really when a boat has an issue, fixing it feels good.”

The freedom of schedule that YBC offers Florek is a nice benefit. That does not mean he is not continuously busy. His phone is always on and he always answers, which can often be a challenge. “It’s been tough getting people at the docks to understand what to look for,” says Florek. “We’re getting there but it’s a challenge.”

Boats do break down and timely wear and tear is expected. But Florek says the most common issue he runs into is boaters hitting stuff – bridges, other boats, rocks. One instance he had to repair three rear boat decks due to another driver wiping them out in 15 seconds. His best advice for boaters to prevent accidents? “DON’T PANIC! Every problem or accident we’ve had is a result of panic,” says Florek. “If you’re not sure what to do put [the boat] in neutral.”

As far as boats, Florek does not have a particular favorite. He says Sea Rays are tough but he prefers Glastrons for performance. “Boats that run are my favorite boats,” he jokes.

Florek says all of YBC’s locations are really nice. He recommends Minnetonka for those who like the hustle and bustle; Waconia for those who prefer a calm lake. “Prior Lake is a good location because there aren’t a whole lot of boats on the lake,” he says. “White Bear is a really nice location too.”

When Florek gets some free time he likes to spend it fishing. Free time is not something that comes often for him though. He spends his winters fixing all YBC’s boats one at a time, working full time. His work and his skill are unmatched and very much appreciated by all YBC employees.  Owner Luke Kujawa says Florek’s talents and skills are uniquely suited to keep our fleet of boats on the water and in tip top shape. “Steve and I have worked together for almost 20 years and over that time he has continuously surprised me with his ability to diagnose, repair, solve or build almost anything, anywhere,” says Kujawa. “The number of repairs he performs on the spot continue to amaze our staff while keeping our feet on the water where members and their families can enjoy.”


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