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Newsletter – July 2014

Newsletter – July 2014

River Location

August is calling. Come grab a boat.



Stan Tube

Members jumped on the lifted no-wake restriction immediately at Minnetonka and Stan took care of them.

This season’s early heavy rainfall and the no-wake restrictions have definitely made for an interesting year. On the one hand, it’s no fun if you really want to go fast, go wakeboarding or tubing.  While on the other hand, if you prefer slow cruising and a lake that’s not as busy this has been your best boating season ever.  Also, a great deal of our Members tried out Forest Lake and White Bear Lake for the first time – and discovered how wonderful both of them are.  But all and all, we are very glad that the last of these restrictions have just been lifted.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we now get back to boating as usual.


Happy Members

For a variety of reasons YBC members remain happy.

We honestly cannot fully express our utmost respect and gratitude to our Members.  Despite the early poor weather and the no-wake restrictions, we have come to realize that you – our Members – remain friendly, happy and loyal boaters.  Some of you have been with us since we splashed our first five boats on Prior Lake five years ago.  Some of you jumped on board as we continued adding more locations such as White Bear Lake and the St. Croix River.  Others joined within the past couple of months.  We spoke with a bunch of you to get an idea of how our Members are feeling about their membership, and we were overwhelmed with positive feedback.

Do you dread hauling your tubes, your coolers, your heavy bags of food down the dock to your boat? How about filling up your boat at the gas station? Maybe you are the type of person who despises trailering your boat, dropping it in the water, pulling it back out only to have to climb underneath to pull off all the weeds and zebra mussels. Whether you favor the hassle-free aspect of the club, the variety of watercraft made available to you, the freedom to venture out onto different bodies of water, or the expenses saved in your wallet, something is keeping you a part of Your Boat Club. That makes us very happy and incredibly appreciative. After all, without you we wouldn’t be.


New member Glen Blomgren and his family feel the boats are their own.

“We love that our membership lasts for a full year. But mostly, we enjoy the variety of boats. We didn’t think that would factor in, but it did and we feel like they are our boats.” ~Glen Blomgren – joined 2014

“Our favorite aspect of the club is the variety of boats offered. Our family travels around the country a lot and rent boats. None are as nice as YBC’s. They do a great job with them.” ~Adam Hart – joined 2014

“I’ve had a boat since I was 20 years old. I was sick of it being in the shop all the time.” ~Ed Odonnell – joined 2012

“The variety of boats and the dock help is fantastic. We don’t have a cabin so the kids love it. It’s like a staycation.” ~Brian Shriver – joined 2011

“I love the convenience of the various locations and not having to trailer.” ~Cori Jennings – joined 2013

“We don’t have to haul a boat from Minnetonka if we want to go to White Bear Lake. Yesterday we wanted to get a boat so we looked online and there were boats. We love that!” ~Jennifer Blackwell – joined 2011


St. Croix Parking

Please obey parking rules at each of our locations.

Perhaps the most annoying thing about operating a vehicle, aside from rush hour traffic, is being unable to find a good parking spot.  While some of our locations provide plenty of space for parking your cars, others are a bit more crowded.  There have actually been days when we needed to hire additional help to serve as valet parkers.  To help each other out we ask that you please pay attention to our parking rules to assure that all of you can arrive at your destination without the agony of being unable to park with ease.  Each location varies somewhat but regardless of where you are boating always remember to carpool to avoid unnecessary parking lot combustion.  The single most underlying rule: NEVER arrive with more than TWO cars per group.

Our greatest issues with parking happen at our Lake Minnetonka location. We have more boats there than anywhere else and the lots are not huge. Whenever you can, please do your best pack your group into one vehicle. If you must arrive with two, let a staff member know. We understand that a lot of you like to meet up for an after-work happy hour during the week. Try to find another meeting spot ahead of time, then carpool to avoid having to deal with an overcrowded parking lot. What happens when you arrive with too many vehicles is that cars get double parked in which results in Members who are anxiously waiting to go home being left immobile.

Rarely is parking space an issue at our St. Croix River location. The main problem we experience is double parking. When you arrive you will notice a blue dumpster near our office with big red letters: “NO PARKING.” Please do not park there. If the lot is more crowded with vehicles than normal, make sure you are taking into consideration how others are parked. Do not double park, blocking in another car.

Under normal conditions parking is never an issue at Prior Lake. However, due to the partially flooded lot this year it was much more difficult than usual.  Although the flooding has recently subsided, now that the no-wake restriction has been lifted Prior Lake will be extremely busy.  If the lot is full, please find a staff member who will guide you to a nearby parking spot.

The only time you may ever experience a parking problem at Forest Lake is on Tuesday evenings during “Arts in the Park.” During this farmer’s market and craft sale if a spot is difficult to find, you may park across the street near Forest Lake Pets.

At the end of the dock at White Bear Lake parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis on the opposite side of the street facing south. Additionally, there is more than enough space provided for free in the Kowalski’s parking lot immediately to the west. Notice the convenient, incredibly short walking bridge connecting the lot to the street across from the dock.

Lola’s at Lake Waconia provides plenty of parking in their large lot. In the rare occasion that the lot is full, there is free parking available on the street.


Our crew gathered together at Minnetonka to sandbag the entire lot in order to provide ample parking for Members when it flooded from all the rain.


Jamie OteroJamie Otero is Your Boat Club’s office manager. She is the glue at the vortex of our locations that holds the company together. Whether she’s putting together the agenda for our next managers meeting, filing contracts and documents or answering a hundred phone calls at once, Jamie is on top of her game. She plays a crucial role in the continuing success of Your Boat Club. We appreciate her to the fullest.

Jamie first contacted Luke and Michael after seeing an Office Manager opening on LinkedIn last year. Thinking how much fun it sounded to work for a boat club, she figured this could be a wonderful opportunity. After her initial interview with the owners Jamie decided this was something she could not walk away from. An office manager by heart, Jamie is not only the best at what she does, she genuinely enjoys it. With ten years of previous office management experience, Jamie feels very lucky to be given opportunities at such a young age to run multiple offices. Adding to the wonderful mentors she has encountered throughout the years are Luke and Michael.

Jamie Kids Pic

Jamie’s children: Gavin (6) & Josi (2)

Jamie grew up in Worthington, Minnesota. She married her husband, Anthony, nine years ago. They currently reside in Golden Valley with their two children, Gavin, age six, and Josi, age two, along with their two dogs, Chihuahua Guido and Mastiff Diesel. While in the process of selling their home and building a new one in Robbinsdale, it is quite an eventful time for her and her family. All of Jamie’s spare time is spent with her family, simply enjoying each other’s company.

Every morning Jamie arrives to work at the office in downtown Minneapolis at 8:00. Every day is different so she must be ready to change tasks at any time. Sometimes she’s assisting a Member on the phone with one thing or another. Other times she’s busy scheduling orientations, paying bills or processing payroll. As crazy as it gets at times, she keeps herself calm and in check. Enjoying the variety of duties at hand and being busy, Jamie says she likes learning about the different boats and about boating in general. But one thing she enjoys most is getting to know and speak with all the members. “Everyone has been so nice and welcoming,” she says.

The company is incredibly fortunate to have an office manager who truly believes in it. Jamie says Your Boat Club’s business model is unbeatable. “The staff is world class and like family. It is refreshing to be a part of something we all care so much about,” she says. “I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to be a Member!”

Jamie Family

Jamie and her family in a boat on White Bear Lake


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