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Newsletter – May 2013

Newsletter – May 2013


It seemed as though the winter would never end. Just when the temps hit the 40’s and we prepared to splash boats, BOOM! Another snowstorm held the ice-out back. Then another. And Another. But one by one, the lakes began to unthaw and our staff sprang into action. Our boats were the first boats in the water on each of our lakes. As soon as the marker buoys went in, we opened up our locations as quickly as possible. Orientations took place on sunny days, in the pouring rain and even in the snow. Add to that a brand new dock built on Forest Lake, brand new Lund fishing boats, a planned 200-pound pig roast party, and YBC members saving lives and you’ve got yourself quite the eventful May. Boating has officially begun and it’s gearing up to be an amazing season. WELCOME BACK, FRIENDS!

Bastemeyers Sun White Bear LakeThe Bastemeyers completed their orientation in the warm sun with Brian on White Bear Lake.
Zeulis Rain St CroixThe Zeulis rocked and rolled through the pouring rain with Mr. Alaska himself, Nathan, on the St. Croix.
Hagaman Snowy Prior LakeBrian Hagaman and Beth Wilson’s orientation was one-of-a-kind as they plunged through the chilly snow with Matt on Prior.


It was a fairly windy and quite chilly afternoon so there were few boats on the river. The Roquets were cruising slowly through the Hudson channel when a young boy ran across one of the islands to their side. He said their boat was floating away and asked the Roquets if they could help. As Luke steered his family around the island he noticed a man in the water who appeared to be treading water. As they got closer they heard the man yelling, his arms flapping in a panic. Carefully balancing the boat’s speed and control, Luke was able to pull up to the struggling man, the boat’s ladder within an arm’s reach. Realizing the man was freezing, Luke’s brother-in-law, Kodell, quickly retrieved a blanket, reached down, pulled the man up on the deck and covered him.

“How Kodell could lift a 200-plus pound man out of the water and into the boat with one arm is astounding to me,” Luke exclaimed.

Hypothermia beginning to settle in, the rescued man was shaking, saying he was frozen. He couldn’t move his body.

“He kept mumbling ‘Thanks to God’ over and over again for saving his life,” Luke reflected.

Luke pulled up behind the man’s yacht which had the keys in it. His wife and oldest daughter, Jessa and Shatera, respectively, jumped onto the yacht and drove it back to the island where the man’s wife and son were waiting as the rest of the crew followed.  The entire sequence took approximately thirty minutes.

Luke said he experienced a brief moment of doubt and uncertainty when he was passing the man, realizing he was panicking, and was a little concerned about the possibility of being pulled into the cold water. Fortunately, due to how quickly Kodell had pulled the man out, there was not much time for thinking.

“Afterwards, I just could not believe the timing of it all,” Luke said. “We happened to be in the exact right place at the exact right time with the right boat and the right people on board. Honestly, we did what I think anyone would have done in the same situation. I was just thankful for him that we happened to be there.”

Though the saved man may never see The Roquets again, rest assured he will never forget the good deed they did on that chilly May afternoon. What started off as a harrowing experience that most definitely would have turned deadly, ended miraculously thanks to one brave YBC member and his courageous family.

Roquet Family

Luke and Jessa Roquet with children: Shatera (19), Elena (8), Nyah (5), and Liza (almost 2)

The Roquets have been members since 2011. Luke first heard of Your Boat Club from a direct mailer. He had wanted a boat but had never driven one before and knew nothing about buying or maintaining one.

Initially skeptical about boat availability, Luke quickly discovered how easy it is to reserve one. “We get out quite a bit as a family and we also frequently take other families with us so it has proven to be a great family activity,” Luke said.

Though they’ve gone tubing a couple of times, Luke’s daughters mostly like to fish with their dad, which they had never really done before the boat club. Due to the little ones not wanting to take the fish off the hook coupled with the plentiful sunfish in White Bear Lake, Luke spends most of his fishing time taking off his daughters’ sunnies and resetting their hooks.

The Roquets have ventured west to Minnetonka but they prefer White Bear Lake for quick outings, family fishing and tubing. The girls enjoy playing in the shallow water there. They also take advantage of the St. Croix for longer cruises, relaxing outings with other families and docking up to the various islands.


What does our new addition in Forest Lake mean?  More locations, more boats, more availability, more FUN!  Covering 2,251 square acres, Forest Lake offers plenty of space for skiing and tubing, in addition to a plethora of fish species for fishing aficionados.  With the addition of five new boats on Forest Lake, booking a boat at all of our Eastern locations (White Bear Lake and St. Croix River) will be easier than ever before.


An incredibly popular fishing lake, Forest Lake contains a high population of a variety of fish including northern pike, walleye, largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and perch.  Though walleye and largemouth bass are favorite targets of many anglers on Forest Lake (Forest Lake was known as the “bass capital of Minnesota” during the 1960s and 1970s, with the official Minnesota bass opener taking place there several times,) muskie fishing is becoming increasingly popular.  While the amount of muskies in the lake is relatively low, the average size of them is becoming quite large, making for a great trophy catch.


Our Forest Lake location hosts five new boats including two runabouts, two pontoons and a fishing boat to fulfill all of our members’ desires.  

Forest Lake Map


Lund Family

I am built with superior products and procedures. Solid in every way possible, I utilize an I-beam infrastructure to create a straight, true and rock solid hull. Made with 5052 H 34 Aluminum I offer the perfect balance between strength, weight, hardness, and flexibility. To put it simply my hull is strong and light-weight giving you the best performing, longest lasting hull in the industry.

I bet you’re wondering how safe I am. Well, my builders use a two-step process to ensure and validate that I have the necessary foam requirement to meet Coast Guard regulations. First, they calculate the foam requirement as stated by Coast Guard and industry regulations. Second, they actually load me with required weights and actually TRY to sink me. Here is a video demonstration:

Fully equipped with a live well, a trolling motor and moveable comfortable seats I assure you that one reservation completed with me will prompt another and yet another. For years boaters and fishermen have told me that I am far superior in look and handling than anything else on the water. I like hearing that because I know that my builders use extreme attention to detail when it comes to making sure every boat lives up to the standards of carrying the Lund name.


Pig RoastWarm weather is here! It’s finally time to kick off the season and celebrate all of our awesome members and fans with a Luau! Please join us at Admiral D’s Waterfront Tavern on White Bear Lake for tons of free food, live music, giveaways, and beer specials on the patio. On Saturday, May 25th from Noon – 6pm come and enjoy a 200-pound pig roast, a great view and the YBC community. See you there!

When: Saturday, May 25th Noon – 6pm
Where: Admiral D’s – 4424 Lake Ave, White Bear Lake, MN (right next to YBC dock)
What: Pig Roast Picnic, Live Music, Giveaways, Fun!
Who: Your Boat Club Members, Friends & Fans
Cost: FREE

Join the event on Facebook:


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