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Boat Rental Membership in use on White Bear Lake

Newsletter – May 2014

Newsletter – May 2014


We’re boating! You’re boating! Everybody’s boating!  Just when you were probably wondering if the ice would EVER go away in 2014, in a flash – it was gone.  Dealing with Mother Nature’s chosen journey and a few other attributes beyond our control, we were unable to open our locations as early as we would have preferred, as we did in years past.  (In 2012 we had boats on the water in March!)  But one by one we put our docks in, the lakes became marked with buoys, the boats passed inspection, and we were finally able to get members out on the water.  Every week is turning out to be sunnier and warmer than the previous.  So hop on your computers, login to your YBC accounts and book yourself a reservation!  If you have yet to sign up and want to get out on the water, please sign up as soon as possible or get on our waiting list.  The best boating in Minnesota has begun.  What are you waiting for?

Cold Dock

Despite the cold spring, we put on our waders and built the docks.


Here are a few hints to help you and your family and friends make the most of your reservations:

  1. Do you have an Explorer membership?  If so, try to make your one outstanding reservation for a weekend use.  Weekends are in higher demand and remember, you can use spontaneous reservations during the week when more boats are available.
  2. If you shave a little time off the end of your afternoon by coming in early, you will have an advantage to make your next reservation before those members who are still out on the water.  Remember, you can make your next reservation as soon as your current boat is checked back in.  We have roughly 80 boats in our fleet.  How is this an advantage?  Example: If you are the first boat back to the dock on a Saturday afternoon, you have up to 239 members behind you in line to make the next weekend reservation (79 remaining Saturday, 160 between Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon.)
  3. CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION IF YOU ARE NOT USING IT!  This is a big one.  There are two main reasons this is so important.  First, if you make an outstanding reservation, cannot make it and do not cancel, you are only hurting yourself.  You are wasting your one reservation while all the other members are making their next ones, pushing back availability for yourself.  Second, if you make a spontaneous reservation and do not show up, it’s plain and simple: you are ruining the chance for another member to enjoy a day of boating.  Please, please, please cancel your spontaneous reservations as soon as possible if you know you will not be able to make it out.  There may be a time when you really want to get out on the water but are unable to because someone else failed to cancel their unused spontaneous reservation.  I call this “membership team work.”  After all, what goes around comes around.


SR 240 Sun

At YBC we absolutely love our Sea Ray Runabouts.  They look great, they run smoothly, they require minimal maintenance, and most importantly, our members love them.  We have them in each of our pier groups and they are the only runabout we carry at every one of our locations.  If you have not yet had the pleasure of venturing out on a Sea Ray, please make sure to do so in the near future.  Read below to find out more about why you just might reserve a Sea Ray again and again.



New members, including a 7-week-old infant, enjoying a day out in a Sea Ray 185

There’s a reason Your Boat Club carries more of me than any other brand of runabouts.  I am a fan favorite because I rule.  Ranging in size from 18 to 24 feet, I am a premium boat that has more standards and features than other boats in my class.  Sophisticated and stylish, I blend impeccable craftsmanship, premium design and superior performance.  With plush seating and intelligent storage throughout, I carry 8 to 10 passengers comfortably, yet I am nimble enough for seamless operation. Top-shelf MerCruiser sterndrive power means an incredibly smooth, quiet ride for you and your family.  Best of all, YBC offers me in all three Pier groups!  Here’s what you’ll find:

240 SUNDECK (Pier III)
My length: 24 feet
My engine: 5.0L MPI 300HP
My capacity: 10
Where you can find me: Minnentonka, St. Croix
Why I rule: I am big and powerful.  My deep bow seating contains lots of storage space so you and your guests can bring more food, drinks, towels, and toys.  Get behind my wheel and you’ll feel how smooth I glide along the water.  You don’t need to worry about the weight of a skier being towed behind me; I will pull anybody up.  The only drawback about reserving me is that you just might have way too much fun.

205 SPORT (Pier II)
My length: 20 feet
My engine: 4.3L Mercruiser 220HP
My capacity: 8
Where you can find me: All 8 locations!
Why I rule: I am pretty much the perfect size for any type of boater.  I am big enough to handle the conditions on Lake Minnetonka and the St. Croix River, yet sized to easily cruise around the other lakes with ease.  I have the power to pull up skiers of all sizes.  At the same time, my wake is small enough not to intimidate the youngsters on a tube.  Reserve me and you’ll discover why I am the best-selling sterndrive bowrider over 20 feet in America.

185 SPORT (Pier I)
My length: 18 feet
My engine: 3.0L Mercury, 135HP
My capacity: 8
Where you can find me: Prior, Waconia, White Bear
Why I rule:  I am the smallest of my class which makes me easy to maneuver for beginning boaters.  I do not intimidate, nor will I spin out of control, as my high end speed tops out around 35 mph, which happens to be the speed limit on White Bear Lake.  Don’t let my size deter you though.  I produce enough power for any tubers and just about any size skier.  Lastly, I am becoming an incredibly rare species, as my creators have discontinued my construction, giving way to a new model adding an extra five feet.  So enjoy me while you can!

Visit my website at


Kids Fun

You can never be too careful while boating.  Especially when it comes to your children’s safety.  While the swimming abilities of all individuals may vary greatly, drowning is always somewhat of a risk no matter how well you can swim.  With the boating season underway and the water temperatures warming up quickly, we can only assume that you and your children are anxious to jump off the deck of a pontoon, hop on a tube for a thrill ride or get back up on those skis for a tear around the lake.  So for this month we will focus on the great importance of wearing a life vest.


Life Jacket

Life jackets are the proven number one way to save a life in the event of a sudden, unexpected capsizing or fall overboard. In 2011, 70 percent of all fatal boating accident victims drowned.  Of those who drowned, 84 percent were not wearing a life jacket.  It is always a good idea to have your life jackets on anytime you are in a boat.  You may not have time to throw one on at the last minute.  In fact, it only takes 60 seconds for an adult to drown and just 20 seconds for a child to drown.

During this early part of the season, keep in mind that swimming in cold water can be very dangerous.  Life jackets can help you survive cold water.  They let you float without using energy and some insulate your body from cold water.  Cold water (less than 70º F) can lower your body temperature, causing hypothermia. If your body temperature drops too low, you may pass out and then drown.  The human body cools 25 times faster in cold water than in air.

If you think most drowning takes place out in the middle of the lake, you are wrong.  Nine out of ten drowning fatalities occur in inland waters, most within a few feet of safety.  Though we advise the use of personal floatation devices for everyone on the water, children under ten are required to wear a life vest at all times, from the end of the dock to the inside of the boat.  Always make sure the vests are approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and that it fits snugly. Have the child make a “touchdown” signal by raising both arms straight up; if the life jacket hits the child’s chin or ears, it may be too big or the straps may be too loose.  Here is a short video that shows how to find the right life jacket for you and your children.

Sometimes kids do not seem too thrilled about having to wear a life vest.  To help your children understand the importance of it, here is a fun, printable coloring book that includes games and good tips regarding all sorts of water safety.  To download your own copy, CLICK HERE.

Do you have a child who likes comic books?  For a fun, downloadable H2O TOONS Comic Book offered by the Minnesota DNR, CLICK HERE.

Want a good reason your kids will want to wear their life jackets? ICE CREAM! Minnesota kids wearing life jackets while boating this summer will not only be staying safe, but also could be rewarded with an ice cream treat.  CHECK IT OUT!


YBC Brian

When asked to feature one of our location managers in each upcoming monthly newsletter by the owners, I was a bit apprehensive about one particular individual.  So I held off as long as I could, until the time finally came when only that one manager remained.  Well, that time is now so the secret’s out: I, Brian Wegner, manager of our White Bear Lake location, create YBC’s monthly newsletter.  Since it seemed a bit odd writing about myself in third person, as I did for the others, I decided it would be best to take the honest approach and just go ahead and tell you a little bit about myself.  In a nutshell, I am happily married to my wife of five years, Jodi.  My life used to revolve around Grateful Dead.  I’ve attended 74 live Phish shows.  I am obsessed with baseball.



Halloween 2013, as Zach Galifianakis

Ok, I’ll get this out of the way first: yes, I have been told that I look like Zach Galifianakis (commonly, “the guy from The Hangover.”) A few members actually call me “Zach” and I have been paid to have my picture taken with strangers.  But that’s not really what I am all about.  I actually do enjoy boating and I truly love my job.  I love both of my jobs.  During the off-boating season I work for Lutsen Mountains, Midwest’s largest ski resort.  While most of the marketing and social media work I do for Lutsen is done from home, occasionally I get sent up there to ski and go to concerts to capture the environment through photos and videos.  It all seems to work out pretty well.  Literally, the day one season’s job ends, the next begins.

My boating life began as a very young child.  My family owned a cabin up north in Wisconsin where I enjoyed waterskiing, knee boarding, tubing, and fishing pretty much every weekend.  Aside from playing baseball, there was nothing I enjoyed more than being on the water with my friends and family.  I can’t tell you how thankful I am to be a part of YBC, having the pleasure of seeing how much fun our members have in our boats.  Happy with this business, I no longer intend to pursue my original plan of becoming a professional radio personality.

When I first began working for YBC as a dock hand, under Nathan’s exceptional guidance and training, I had recently graduated from University of Wisconsin – River Falls, in 2011.  I attended college as a Journalism major with a Psychology minor in hopes of somehow making a living as a disc jockey, playing music for the world.  Though I stand by my passionate belief that there is little of more importance than Grateful Dead and baseball, I have come to accept the fact that not everybody in this world will ever agree with me.  And besides, I feel comfortable and very much at home working with YBC.

There are a ton of things I dig about my job.  Owners Luke and Michael run an honest, successful company and treat their employees well.  The rest of the management team have become good friends of mine, while consistently working together to help make sure all other employees, our members and our boats are taken care of.  I am incredibly proud of my crew at White Bear as well.  They’re all friendly and hard-working and there’s never any drama between us.  I couldn’t ask for better teammates to work with on a daily basis.

Lastly, I have to throw down some praise for all the members.  Without the members, we could not exist as a business.  Seeing returning members day after day, year after year, all having fun on the water is such a pleasure.  Perhaps my favorite part of the job is doing orientations with new members.  I love watching someone find his or her sweet spot for the first time while cruising in a Sea Ray.  The excitement transforming into relief I get to see on a person’s face after completing a high-speed turn for the first time is priceless.  It just feels good knowing that at the end of the day, our members are going home, hopefully feeling some sort of peace that I know being on the water can produce.


Enjoying a weekend of skiing at Lutsen with YBC managers Brian & Nathan, owner Luke and sister, Beth


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