Survey Results

2015 Membership Satisfaction Survey – Results

We have included the results below, along with some general thoughts about the feedback we received in each area.


Question #1 – Your Boat Club’s online reservation system is easy to use?

97.1% Strongly Agree or Agree

1.8% Neutral

1.1% Disagree or Strongly Disagree

Comments: Looks like we are doing something right here, but as always we will continue to look for any potential ways to improve our online system.


Question #2 – The boats I want to reserve are available when making reservations?

57.9% Strongly Agree or Agree

28.2% Neutral

13.9% Disagree or Strongly Disagree

Comments: It appears that the majority of our Members are very happy with our overall boat availability.  From the comments we received, it also became apparent that most of the Members who responded as being Neutral were also actually quite happy – they simply wanted us to do anything we could to make it even easier to get a boat.   We did, however, have some Members that truly felt it was too difficult to get a boat.  In talking with them, in almost every case this was either because they were not using the Reservation System correctly, or they were trying to share the membership with someone else.  To this end, it is our job to make sure we teach our Members how to best use the Reservation System.  We will continue to try to do everything we can to always be educating.  Sharing a membership is also perfectly ok, but it can present some challenges because you still only get one reservation and one boat at a time.  This can make managing your boat uses as a group more difficult, especially on weekends, and that should be the expectation going in.  You pay less when you share.  The trade-off, of course, is that you then have to share and may wind up using the boats less.


Question #3 – The boats I’ve rented through Your Boat Club are clean, in good working order, and ready for use upon my arrival?

92% Strongly Agree or Agree

4.9% Neutral

3.1% Disagree or Strongly Disagree

Comments: Our mechanics are definitely working around the clock all summer long to keep the fleet up and running. Unfortunately, boats do sometimes break. Even brand new ones. There is not a day that goes by where we don’t have a boat with something on it that needs to be fixed. We think our Members understand this, especially the ones who have owned boats. And the good news is that most of the time, the major stuff is invisible to the Members because we have it fixed before it impacts them. According to the survey results, the most common things mentioned that need more attention are things like depth finders, radios, non-working gauges and occasional rattling parts. We assure you that we are on it. Sometimes we fix them and they break again within days. Sometimes we are waiting for parts, and sometimes we aren’t aware of the problem and just need to do a better of job of making sure nothing gets missed.


Question #4 –Your Boat Club’s dock staff is friendly, courteous, helpful and efficient?

98.4% Strongly Agree or Agree

.1% Neutral

1.5% Disagree or Strongly Disagree

Comments: We take a lot of pride in making sure that we hire the right people and train them well.  It looks like it shows. A big shout out to our staff! We aren’t always perfect, but we sure try to be.


Question #5 – On a scale of 1-10, with 10 be highest and 1 being lowest, how likely is it that you would recommend Your Boat Club to a friend or colleague?

61% Very Strong Promoters 9 or 10

27% Promotors 7 or 8

7% Passive 5 or 6

5% Detractors 4 or less

Comments: Our Members continued business and referrals are the biggest endorsement we can possibly receive. It helps us eliminate marketing costs, which helps keep membership pricing down. It also helps us “keep it in the family” so to speak, by making sure we enroll more great Members like the ones we already have.  So keep those referrals coming!


Question #6 – I will renew my membership with Your Boat Club for the 2016 boating season?

69.6% Definitely or Probably

23.3% Undecided

7.1% Probably Not or Definitely Not

Comments: We always look forward to the fall and renewal season. It’s a great opportunity to visit with our Members again and find out what they like most, or least, about Your Boat Club.  As usual we received a tremendous amount of valuable feedback this fall.  In the end over 80% of our Members that were up for renewal chose to renew their membership for 2016.  That’s a very big number, and we are very thankful for their continued business and trust.  We plan to make Your Boat Club even better in 2016!

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