Spend Summer On The Lake With Hassle-Free Boating

If Minnesota is the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” what are you doing on shore all summer?

Start planning now for a fun summer and fall on the water instead of on the shore. The key, of course, is to acquire a boat.

If you’ve never owned a boat before (or assume you can’t afford one), consider this alternative: Join a boat club! Membership gives you the freedom to select from a variety of watercraft and, with some boat clubs, the freedom to boat on different lakes. Plus, you don’t have to worry about towing, maintenance, storage or the myriad other tasks involved with owning a boat. All you have to do is make a reservation, show up and cast off.

Below are some comparisons between owning a boat versus joining a club. You might not be familiar with a boat club (many people don’t even know they exist), which means the benefits could surprise you.

Boat Ownership

— If you trailer your boat, spontaneous trips are not usually spontaneous. Plus, you will need to find a place to park your trailer. On busy weekends, you might wait in line to haul out your boat. These hassles and the constant upkeep are the most common reasons people sell their boat within three years of purchase.

— You are responsible for cleaning your boat, having it winterized and making repairs.

— You will either pay for storage or designate at least half your garage to boat storage space.

— Unlike a house, new boats do not increase in value. Instead, like a car, its value plummets the minute you take ownership.

— You will need a vehicle capable of towing a boat.

— You are responsible for insurance and purchasing essential gear (lines, fenders, etc.).

Boat Club Membership

— At some boat clubs, you can select from a variety of watercraft. At Your Boat Club, for example, pontoon boats are available in several sizes — with comfortable seating up to 15 or a more cozy gathering of 8 (with plenty of room for your coolers). Or, you can dash around the lake in a 360-hp runabout. If your group likes to waterski or go tubing, ski boats are set up for that very purpose. Other options include comfortable fishing boats. You have the option of matching the boat to your gathering.

— The boat will be waiting for you in the water. No towing or storage issues.

— All regular maintenance is provided by the club, in addition to basic gear.

— At the end of the day, you just walk away from the boat. No clean-up or trailering.

— All boats are new and routinely maintained.

— With Your Boat Club, your membership allows you to rent boats at 10 popular bodies of water around the state. You aren’t stuck seeing the same sights every weekend,

— Next season you can always buy a new boat, but now you’ll have a better idea what your family likes.

Make the most of Minnesota’s brief summer season. Decrease your time cleaning, towing and repairing your boat. Increase your time on the lake relaxing. For more information, call us or fill out the Information Form to learn more!

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