Choosing A Membership/How It Works

There are three steps to choosing a Membership.

Step 1

When do you want to go boating? This is your Membership Level. 

Explorer Membership

Our most popular level. If you want to boat on weekends or holidays this is the only membership for you. Explorer members get unlimited usage 7 days/week.

Executive Membership

For members with flexible schedules during the week or who don’t want to be out on busy weekends or holidays.  Executive members get unlimited usage Mon-Thurs only.

Early Bird Membership

Designed for people with very flexible schedules during the week.  Early Bird members get unlimited usage Mon-Thurs during the morning and early afternoon only.

Step 2

Where do you want to do most of your boating?  This is your Primary Lake.

We’ve hand picked over 20 great bodies of water for our members to go boating on.  As a member, you are not limited to one location.  You can go boating on all these fantastic bodies of water.  But most people have a favorite where they plan to do most of their boating (usually whichever lake is closest to their home).  We track this information and carefully limit the number of memberships we sell at each lake to make sure we don’t have too many people trying to get a boat on the same lake.  The primary lake you choose will also have an impact on the next step, the Pier Level (size of boats) of you choose, because we mostly run bigger boats on bigger water, and smaller boats on smaller water.




Step 3

How big of boats and how many boats do want to be able to use?  This is your Pier Level.

We organize our fleet by separating the boats by size into 4 groups that we call Piers, and we let our members decide how big of boats they want to use. 

Pier 1

Boats are the smallest and we only run them on the smaller lakes.  Pier 1 members can only use the Pier 1 boats.

Pier 2

Boats are mid-size and we run these boats on all of our lakes.  Pier 2 members can use the Pier 2 or the Pier 1 boats.

Pier 3

Boats are the majority of the largest boats we run.  If you are planning to do most of your boating at larger bodies of water like Minnetonka or the St. Croix River, this is probably the level you will want to choose.  Pier 3 members can use the Pier 3, Pier 2 or Pier 1 boats.

Pier 4

These are the absolute largest boats we run at any of our locations.  If you are planning to do the majority of your boating at Lake Minnetonka and want access to the most elite boats in our fleet this is the Pier level for you.  Pier 4 members can use any boat in our fleet at all locations.


No matter which membership option you choose, as a Member there are two ways you can book a boat.

Advance Reservations– all members can make One advance reservation at a time.  As soon as you use it or cancel it, you can then make another one.  So for example, if you want to go boating on Saturday, go ahead and book a boat.  Now your reservation is confirmed in advance and the boat will be ready for you.  As soon as you are done boating on Saturday you can then go online and make your next reservation. 

Spontaneous Same Day Use – In addition to making one advance reservation at a time, the other way our Members get boats is by taking advantage of our Same Day or Spontaneous Use Policy.  Here’s how it works.  Every day at 8:30AM we release all the boats that are not reserved to be booked on a first come, first served basis by any Member – and this does not affect any future advance reservations they may have in the system.  So for example, let’s say you already have a boat reserved for Saturday, but today is Tuesday and you want to go boating for a few hours after work.  Just go online at 8:30AM on Tuesday, find a boat that is available that night and book it.  Since you are booking and using it on the same day this is considered a same day use.  So now you will have a boat ready for tonight after work, and you still have a boat reserved Saturday.

Our Same Day Use policy also comes in really handy when you’ve just had one of “those days” and want to get out on the water and decompress, or when you suddenly have a last minute block of time that frees up and you want to take the kids out for a quick spin on the lake.  So go ahead – be spontaneous!  It’s part of what makes boating such a worthwhile activity.

We only stock our fleet with quality boats

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