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Q: How old do I have to be to rent a boat or paddle board?
A: You must be 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license to operate Your Boat Rentals Equipment.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?


  • There are no cancellation fees if a rental reservation is cancelled 14 or more days in advance to the date of the rental reservation. 100% of the rental fee will be returned to your account as a credit that can be used towards future use(s).
  • In the case that you do cancel your reservation with 14 or more days advance notice and you are unable to book for a different date you can request a refund. To receive a refund you must request it by emailing rental@yourboatclub.com or calling 612-208-1800 and selecting option 1 to speak with a member of our Rental Team.
  • If you cancel with less than 14 days notice, FOR ANY REASON, you will be charged a 10% rescheduling fee.  90% of the rental fee is then applied as an account credit.  There are NO REFUNDS for cancellations with less than 14 days notice.
  • No Shows: There will be no refunds or credits issued for No Shows.

Weather Related Cancellations: We do not allow cancellations for less than ideal weather. That being said, if the weather is really bad (winds over 30MPH, heavy rain or lightning) we will call you to cancel and you will be allowed to reschedule for time of equal or less value without a cancellation fee.

Q: Is tax included on the price of a rental?
A: No, sales tax is additional and varies by location.

Q: Can I bring a cooler?
A: Yes, food and refreshments are allowed.

Q: Can I bring a BBQ Grill?
A: No, we do not allow grills.

Q: How much parking is available?
A: We enforce a strict 2 car limit for all rental and club boats at all locations.

Q: Can we bring alcoholic beverages?
A: Yes, however, the the driver must not be over the legal limit at any time when operating the boat.

Q: Can we smoke on the boat?
A: No, smoking is not permitted on our boats. Cigarette burns on our boats will result in an additional charge.

Q: Are life jackets provided?
A: Yes, our boats are outfitted with adult life jackets to the rated capacity of the watercraft.

Q: Are children’s life jackets provided?
A: No. In MN, children under 10 years of age are required by law to have them. In WI and IL, the law is children under the age of 13, so in all instances dependent on your state, you must bring some if this is the case. In some rare instances we may have extras available, but generally we do not have the inventory. If you need us to supply children’s life jackets, please call us at least 24 hours in advance.

Q: Can I bring my pet, even if it is small/doesn’t shed?
A: No.

Q: Can we be over the rated capacity of the craft if some are children?
A: No. The DNR/Water Patrol simply count heads. Toddlers and infants also count. You will be ticketed if you violate the law.

Q: What if I return the craft late?
A: There is a 10 min grace period. After the 10 minutes you will be billed 100 per hour for each hour that you are late.

Q: Can I hire a driver to drive my rental boat?
A: No. Though typically this is a service we offer, due to Covid-19 safety procedures, we are not offering this currently. 

Generally, captain service is available so long as we have enough notice and an available driver for your given time period.  The rate for a captain is $39/hour. Please call us at 612-208-1800 for questions about this.

For any other additional questions, please email rental@yourboatclub.com or call the main office number. Happy boating!

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