Coronavirus COVID-19 Update: July 25th

Your Boat Club is committed to the health and safety of our employees, and customers as well as the general public. We have developed a plan of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that will allow us to accomplish this and we intend to open our marinas in early May. Some of these procedures will be different from what your expectations may have been in the past. But they will allow us to operate while maintaining proper social distancing and sterilization of all equipment, and we are going to need your help to do this correctly and efficiently. All customers, guests and staff, including private slip tenants, will be expected to follow these procedures and to abide by all other guidelines while on the water. There will be no exceptions. If you put others at risk we reserve the right to refuse service.


Businesses in Minnesota are impacted by the new Executive Order issued by Governor Walz late yesterday. Compliance with this order goes into effect on July 25th.

In summary, businesses’ obligations under the Executive Order include:

  • That all persons, including workers, customers, and visitors, wear face coverings as required by Executive Order 20-81 and take reasonable steps to enforce the requirement.
  • Mitigate or eliminate worker and customer exposure to persons who cannot wear or refuse to wear a face covering.
  • Update business COVID-19 Preparedness Plans to include the face covering requirements of Executive Order 20-81, and inform workers how the plan has been updated, and make the revised plan available to all workers.
  • Post one or more signs that are visible to all persons—including workers, customers, and visitors—instructing them to wear face coverings as required by Executive Order 20-81.
  • When possible, provide accommodations to persons, including workers and customers, who state they have a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that makes it unreasonable for the person to maintain a face covering. Accommodations could include permitting use of an alternate form of face covering—a face shield, for example—or providing service options that do not require a customer to enter the business.

The Executive Order 20-81 does not:

  • Require businesses or their workers to enforce face covering requirements when it is unsafe to do so.
  • Authorize businesses to restrain, assault, or physically remove workers or customers who refuse to comply with Executive Order 20-81 when it would not otherwise be legal to do so.
  • Authorize businesses and their workers to violate other laws, including anti-discrimination laws.

Some important notes and helpful information for businesses:

  1. Template for COVID Preparedness Plan:
  2. General Guidance and forms for businesses:
  3. Read the Executive Order here:
  4. New Executive Order Q&A:

Please let us know if you would like to speak directly with us for additional guidance and resources regarding your own preparedness under this Executive Order.

LIFE VESTS/PRESERVERS: You MUST bring life vests for any child 10 years old or younger as we are not able to provide them. We HIGHLY encourage all adults to bring and wear their own life preserver. We will supply the orange life preservers as required by law in every boat. If you wear one of these vests, please leave in boat and out in the open and we will remove and replace with new one. We have set up special life vest pricing on a variety of vests that will ship to your home, and you can use the promo code YBC15POP1 for an additional 15% off.

TUBES & ROPES: We do not recommend tubing until at least Memorial day weekend due to the cold water temperatures. We are not able to provide tubes or ropes at this time due to the challenges with safely disinfecting the porous nylon and neoprene materials. We have negotiated a special tube package that you can purchase and we will ship to your home address. This includes a tube, rope and 12 volt air compressor. Use promo code YBC15POP1 to receive an additional 15% off this package. These will need to be inflated and deflated while in boat and out on the water.

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Before You Arrive

First and most important. PLEASE do not come to our marinas or facilities for any reason if you are feeling ill or have a fever.

Our sanitizing procedure begins before you arrive as we spray and wipe down the entire boat with a certified disinfectant and cleaner. Once the boat is cleaned and filled with gas we spray and wipe down all high touch areas a second time. These areas include the grab handles, steering wheel and controls, shift handle/throttle, windshield and latches, and radio controls.

Arrival at Marina and Parking

Each family unit will be responsible for keeping safe social distancing from all other individuals at all times while in the parking lots or moving to designated queues or staging areas. To keep everyone safe this may mean you will have to wait by your car, in a staging queue area, or in a boat to make sure we don’t have groups of people near each other on the shore or docks. We will also not be able to carry your equipment or gear to the boat as we have in the past. Please keep this in mind when packing for your day on the water.

Enter Queue

The Queue will be a staging area to ensure that we can get people on and off the docks and boats while maintaining proper social distancing. We will have directional signage at each location to direct you to where you enter a Queue. Please note: only complete groups will be allowed to enter the queue, meaning your entire party must be present before you can get in line to board your boat. We assume and suggest this will mean having everyone arrive in one car per boat, but under no circumstances will any boat be allowed to have more than two cars at the marina.

Moving Through the Queue

Move through the Queue as a group one open spot at a time with your gear. The waiting areas will be clearly marked. We will direct and assist families on the the docks as quickly and orderly as possible. We will not allow two different boating groups to board different boats on the same dock finger or in adjacent slips at the same time. If needed you may be asked to step to a waiting area for a few minutes until we clear the area around your boat.

On the Docks

You will be expected to maintain safe personal distance from other groups and our staff at all times. Employees or guests coming off the docks have the right of way in most instances. Please locate the nearest open dock finger and move past the line to allow people exiting the dock to safely pass.

At Your Boat

Once at your boat slip, please quickly move down the end of the finger, past the marked line to board the boat. This will keep the main walkway clear and safe for others to pass. Please quickly load and board the boat. We will require that your family stays to the back of the boat on the side furthest away from the dock so our staff can safely assist you. We will help untie the front of the boat from the docks only if we have a safe distance. You will be responsible to untie the back of the boat in most cases. Once ready and when traffic allows, please leave the marina in a quick and safe, orderly fashion.

On the Water

Remember, there are strict guidelines for keeping a safe social distance on the water. Here are the current guidelines:

  • Use a lake closest to home and go right from your house to your boat and back to avoid any unnecessary contact with others.
  • Wash hands or use a recommend hand sanitizer any time you come into contact with shared surfaces.
  • Boat with only members of your household and no more than 10 people on a watercraft.
  • Try to keep at least 50′ between your boat and other watercraft at all times while out on the water.
  • Limit interactions with other people while boating as much as possible, and maintain 6 feet of distance between individuals outside the household.
  • Don’t tether watercraft or raft up; keep recreational boats at least 50 feet apart in bays.
  • Do not beach your watercraft or walk on to dry land unless necessary to avoid groups of more than 10.
  • Leave no trace principles, pack-in and pack-out to keep outdoor spaces safe and healthy. Do not leave potentially contaminated items laying around.

Returning to the Docks

It is more important then ever that you text our marina phone when you are 5-10 minutes from returning. In the same sort of way, you must maintain proper social distance on the water while returning to the docks. We will guide you as to what slip to return to. Once you are docked and tied up you will be required to remove ALL of your trash and deposit it into the dumpsters. It is also imperative that you disembark quickly as a group, move to your vehicle and leave the marina.

We will continue to post updates to this page as needed. In the meantime, stay safe and we look forward to being of service. We are greatly looking forward to this upcoming boating season and towards everyone working together so that we can all enjoy the water safely!

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