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Parking is available right in the city lot on site for the park.  Please limit your vehicles to two vehicles per boat to ensure adequate parking for all park patrons.


Forest Lake is a popular recreational lake in northern Washington County with lots to see and do. The lake covers 2,251 acres and has a maximum depth of 37 feet.

It’s a delightful fishing lake with an abundant supply of all the major species to keep anglers entertained throughout the year.

Lakes One and Three are considered to be the most productive for bass and walleyes. Lakes Two and Three are the best crappie locations. Big northern and muskies are attracted to Lake Three, especially in August and September. Be on the lookout for very shallow rocky areas in the channel between Lake One and Lake Two.

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Walleye fingerlings (one to six months old) are stocked in odd-numbered years and the average weight is 2.67 pounds. Look for them on the humps, bars, and elongated points that drop into deep water. Use a slip-bobber with live bait on the edge of the weeds. Also try the sharp drop-offs in Lake Three halfway between Simon’s Point and the marina. The weedy area in front of the outlet on the west side of Lake One is another walleye producer, especially in the spring.

There is a good population of northerns in this lake that average a bit over two pounds. The east side of King’s Point is a good early-season location. In August and September, try large spinnerbaits or spoons in 12- to 15-feet of water in Lake Three. Early winter is the best time for big fish. Try the 6-14-foot depths in front of Willow Point, and then work eastward.

Muskie fingerlings are stocked in even number years. You will have to work hard to find them but when you do, the average size is 13.3 pounds. Look for them in the northern pike locations.

These fish are plentiful in Forest Lake and their average size is almost one foot. The north sides of the lakes are the best places to start because they will warm up first. Look for clumps of weeds, bulrushes, and dark-bottom areas. As the morning progresses, check out the docks, and then move to the weedlines and points. A crankbait cast into the weedy edges can help locate the bass and cover a lot of water quickly. Follow up with a plastic worm or a tube jig.

Spring crappies and sunfish will be in the back bays and channels and along the edge of the cattails and bulrushes. The area in front of the outlet on the west side of Lake One is a favorite spring and crappie location. In spring and summer, crappies and sunfish can be found in front of the marina on Lake Three. Work west to about halfway to Simon’s Point. Crappies will be at 12-feet or deeper.

You will also find some feisty Rock Bass in the panfish and largemouth bass areas.


“We loved our year in the club! Special shout-out to your Forest Lake crew, where we primarily boated. They were phenomenal and exemplified top notch customer service!” – Tim C.


“Forest Lake has the nicest employees!” – Chris B.


“We had a great morning on the lake. The boat was clean and had lots of room for seating, coolers, and supplies. The staff was helpful and courteous. We definitely will do it again!” – Jacky H.


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