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Parking at the Brown’s Bay Marina can be a bit tight on busy weekends and parking is limited to two vehicles per boat.  Please do whatever you need to do to consolidate vehicles between you and your guests and don’t bring more than two vehicles to the marina.  Our Boats are located on the east or Brown’s Bay side by the blue and white gazebo.  Please feel free to park by the gazebo.  We have parking lot attendants who can assist with double parking.


With 14,528 acres of water and more than 125 miles of shoreline, Lake Minnetonka is unquestionably the most popular recreational lake in the Twin Cities.

This massive, sprawling body of water is actually 40 virtually independent bodies of water. There’s a ton of room for both recreational boaters and anglers. And best of all, it’s chock full of fish.


So with all that water, where do you start? The key to successful fishing on this lake is to understand that each bay has unique characteristics and should be fished as though it were a separate lake.

Local guides and tournament anglers claim that largemouth bass, bluegill and northern pike have grown immensely in the last few years. The average size caught in tournaments is now 3 pounds. 5 to 7-pounders are not unusual. The muskie population has also exploded. Most are over 30 inches.

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